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Cooking and food has always played a large role in my life - some of my earliest memories are "helping" my Polish grandmother in the kitchen as she made fresh yeast bread using cake yeast. Over the years, I became interested in a wide range of world cuisines (my current favorites are Persian, Turkish, Greek, and Japanese).

I've been reviewing for Amazon.com since 1999 and have been a Top Reviewer for the last decade or so - my all-time high rank was #47! I no longer have as much free time, but still enjoy writing in-depth reviews of new cookbook releases and have worked with quite a few authors and publicists over the last several years, including recipe testing and writing book blurbs. I also write guest cookbook reviews for other websites including Mediterranean Living and Kosher Eye.  I'm a member of NetGalley and Blogging for Books. I have several years of experience working in publishing, including editing and layout in InDesign, and my job has given me the chance to travel the world for work (Spain, Taiwan, Japan) and pleasure (Italy, France, Greece).

In addition to being a voracious cookbook collector (I have over 400 books in English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, traditional Chinese and Japanese) and my collection was profiled on Eat Your Books last year), I enjoy taking cookbook classes around the globe, particularly while traveling / working overseas. I've taken more than 100 hands-on classes on Turkish, Japanese, Italian and Taiwanese cuisine and my real passion is baking; I've taken numerous baking classes on a variety of techniques, including a croissant class in Montmartre.

I hope you find my reviews useful and learn about some great new titles from around the globe; happy cooking and baking! 


If you're a cookbook author or blogger and would like to have me feature your book on Bundt Lust, please drop me a line at bundtlust@gmail.com.


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